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Welcome To llamapalla Call Word Wide

WellCome To Call World WideThe world of calling cards is often associated with low quality, unfair rates and hidden costs.

Make the Right Choice rewrites your calling card experience. With Incredibly Low Rates, Crystal Clear Sound, PIN-less dialing and Online Management you will find a one-stop service for your calls. You can also obtain a personal unique local number to call each of your contacts. !

Make your First Call

  • REGISTER now +5 min Bonus free Call
  • LOGIN to My Account and add your PINless number
  • FIRTS CALL your local access number and dial the number you wish to call
Access Number:1-347-464-3365
  • Low Call Rates
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  • Call from home, mobile and office with some of the lowest rates to more than 210 countries,worldwide.
  • No hidden costs
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  • We offer minute billing and never apply hidden fees. Also, credit never expires and is 100% refundable.
  • Quality Calls
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  • Thanks to our partnership with top-notch carriers, we ensure the best call quality to our destination.
  • Online Management
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  • With our Online Panel you can check your usage history, recharge, add PINless, and more!